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Kentucky Derby Betting Tips for Everyone

With a humongous field and millions of dollars added into the betting pools by passing sports fans, the Kentucky Derby is undeniably America’s biggest and most exciting horse race happening yearly. So how do you capitalize on this huge day and walk away with a fatter bankroll?

Here are a few tips:

Be well-prepared.

There is a ton of information available on the Internet to help you with handicapping and wagering on Derby Day. You will find replays of all of the most important Derby preps, as well as pedigree basics, workout analysis, and so on. At the same time, there is a ton of unhelpful information out there, opinions of self-proclaimed experts that you are better off avoiding. Be sure that if you are going to use their advice on Derby Day, they have a proven history to back them. Press credentials provided during Derby Week are usually given to writers and bloggers whose only experience with horse racing is writing about it a week a year. Take note of that and always be discriminate when picking your sources.

Create a strategy.

Decide on a budget and on a limit to how much you can comfortably lose. On Derby Day, there will be 13 races, and there is no need to spend all or most of your bets on the Kentucky Derby. There will be big fields and bigger betting opportunities all day. Look for races that you have a great interest in and wager a bigger percentage of your bankroll on them, and less or even none on those races that you do not feel so strongly about or those that you feel are not worthwhile.

Find value.

Profiting from pony betting is mainly about finding value, otherwise known as overlays. Carefully plan your bets and watch out for odds which seem fair enough. If you gauge a horse’s odds at 5-1 but the tote board says he’s 3-1, don’t wager; instead explore the exotic pools to look for more value and bang for your buck.

Rules are not unbreakable.

Something we’re sure of in the last decade is that rules are not unbreakable. In reality, almost each single so-called unbendable Derby rule has actually been bent, several times. Derby winners now come back from five or six-week hiatuses, take on polytrack in their final preps, get managed by virtually unheard of trainers, followed alternative prep schedules and races, and have been slightly raced.

Sit back and enjoy.

Finally, if you want to have a positive experience with the race, stop overthinking about it. The only sure thing is that there will be unanticipated twists and turns. Even the most meticulous plan will not give you total control. So keep it easy, keep your wagers intelligent, and have a good time.

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