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When Is The Best Time To Wear Compression Socks?

Technological innovations such as compression hose and stockings are made for people who have diabetes, the elderly, pregnant women, and those who have medical conditions pertaining to the proper flow of blood.

There is a need for 6 quarts of blood to be sent to 100,000 miles of arteries, veins, and capillaries through a heart that beats around 100,000 heartbeats in one day. There are a lot of reasons why blood will pool in the feet and legs such as age, a slowed heart, gravity, and other medical problems. This may result to one having to experience fatigue and swelling, or may even be a more serious one such as blood clots.

Compression socks are also called varicose veins stockings and support socks, and they are made from materials that are superelastic so that it will give a fit tight to the feet up to the knees. The change in pressure brought about by these compression socks will send blood back to the heart therefore swelling will be reduced and formation of blood clots will be minimized. Strong synthetic muscles can be replaced by compression socks. The primary mechanism for this is the graduated pressure that the sock is able to produce for increasing the body’s arterial pressure and pushing back blood to the heart.

The compression socks are made up of high-friction material that grips securely on the legs or feet. There is a possibility for long compression stockings to buckle and bunch, but this can be given a solution through a maternity garter or a maternity belt.

Depending on the need of the individual, the pressure coming from the sock should be appropriately adjusted and this can be done only with compression stockings that are custom made. The the largest part of the calf, the top of the ankle, and just above the knee are the parts where a pharmacist or a physician first takes the measurements from. Often times compression socks are covered by insurance although custom tailoring for these compression stockings is really expensive.

If ever you are prescribed by a compression sock, you need to wear it the moment you wake up and until you retire at night, which will only be the time for you to take it off since you need to elevate your legs when you lie down. Always remember to remove your compression socks when you elevate your legs.

The advantages of compression socks for running can only be enjoyed if you are able to make sure that you can take time to properly elevate your lower limbs. Nevertheless, there is no substitute for a good compression hose even if you are going to put a tightly wound bandage or other forms of wrapping. The pain and swelling may be aggravated if you are going to use a bandage because the pressure that it is going to give may be uneven.

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